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Custom Apparel

Contact us for all your custom promotional needs

When choosing us to create your custom apparel you help us comfort those effected by cancer by wrapping them in love with the warmth of our homemade quilts.

Every month we will gift a custom apparel customer a beautiful homemade quilt for them to choose a quilt recipient. 

All orders make a difference and we are so grateful for our community helping us spread love one quilt at a time.

*Minimum orders apply

Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much

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Team Wear

We love involving the younger generations to be part of our quilt project.  Having the sports teams select a quilt recipient and comfort a family touched by cancer warms our hearts.  The ripple effect of this kind gesture is what fuels this whole project.

Custom Team Wear

Company Apparel

We strive to make your company stand out by creating unique custom apparel.

Know that your company apparel makes a difference

by comforting those effected by cancer. 

Company Apparel
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