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Spreading Love....

one quilt at a time


"The best gift is giving  from your heart"

Our unique Heartstrings Gift Boxes make the perfect gift for every occasion.

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What makes your heart happy?

My Story...

My name is Michelle Madson ~ owner, entrepreneur & cancer survivor.  My inspiration came from a life changing diagnosis ~ cancer.  This diagnosis changes lives forever, whether you are fighting the battle or supporting someone fighting the battle.

I will be forever grateful that the biggest effect it had on my life was my perspective. I wanted to do something to honor those affected by cancer.


Together with my mom, we created the Quilt Project ~ spreading love one quilt at a time. Portions of all sales of my creations are used towards creating handmade quilts that we donate to those affected by cancer. We want people to know that they are not alone. 

We are all tied together by Heartstrings.

Quilts Gifted 

Spreading the love one quilt at a time

Have you ever just wanted to wrap someone in a hug?  Our inspiration for this Quilt Project is to help wrap someone in LOVE.   A survivor, a cancer fighter, a family member, friend or caregiver.  Cancer can affect us all.  We are all tied together by heartstrings.  We want to spread the LOVE  by gifting a quilt that is made with LOVE.

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Heartstrings by Michelle

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